Rainwater Harvesting System

Provide The Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Every day, we use precious treated water for toilet flushing, washing machines, landscape irrigation and general washing. Treated water is totally unnecessary for these high consumption applications. Through the use of Aura-Lite Malaysia Rainwater Harvesting system, your treated water consumption can be reduced by as much as 60%.
Aura-Lite Malaysia Rainwater Harvesting system provides total solutions from design, supply, install and maintenance for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional building and irrigation purpose. The design of our underground and above ground system allows you to catch the rainwater from the roofs, systematically store it and later use the rainwater as an alternative water supply to the treated mains.
Aura-Lite carries range of products from GRAF, Australia Rainwater Harvesting and Rainwaterharvesting.co.uk. These are the leading and established rainwater haversting manufacturer in the world.
Aura-Lite distinguishing characteristic is the depth of our focus on the customer’s mission in the broadest context. We do not only respond to current requirements, but we also anticipate their emerging needs with our dedicated staff and highly professional engineers.